I guess if you're on this page you are interested in some of my writings.  I've selected several for your enjoyment and they are listed below.  They date back to 1968.  Just click on the titles below, and the magic computer will take you to them.


Love Rose

Amid the Reality

I hear a Rhapsody

Here Come the Holidays

God's Symphony

Careful.  If you are at all tender hearted or sentimental this next one will make you cry.
It is my final tribute to my Late Father-in-law.  The first reading was at his grave site.

Rest in Peace

Old Sol

Dispositional Repair

Here's a little story you might enjoy.  It's witten in the Dr. Seus style.

Trick or Treat

AN ESSAY -  The Importance of Art

Outside of the Box



for those who
wish to stroll
through Glens Art