(Print this page for shoping reference)

I am always asked where to find these items.  There are several places locally.  They are:
   Art Systems - Semoran Blvd. Casselberry. (One light South of Howell Branch Rd.)
    JoAnn's Etc. - East Colonial Blvd (Behind Red Lobster, across from Fashion Square)
    Michaels - East Colonial Blvd. at the Colonial Promenade Mall.
    Sam Flax - East Colonial at Shine Street. 
     Hobby Lobby - East Colonial in The Colonial Mall.

Watercolor paper - (140# to 300# paper)
    For the beginning class, I recommend at least 2 pads of  140# watercolor paper (9 x 12).  With the exercises planned you will be going through a lot of paper in the beginning.  This doesn't have to be an expensive experience.  Later in the class we can discover the Arches 300# paper. 

Various soft brushes - Up to 1 to 1.5 inch width
     A variety of flat and round brushes will be needed.  Make sure you get some that holds their shape when they are wet.

Watercolor paints - (tubes or cubes)
    I recommend the "Artist Grade" paints.  There are several brands out there.  The one's I use are:
"Windsor Newton" - This is a wonderful paint, but quite expensive.
"Reeves"  - This is also a good paint, but not quite as expensive, and excellent for what we are doing.  I recommend the 18 count package. There are some new ones out.  Ask your sales technition at the store about the Artist Grade Paints.

  "Daniel Smith Watercolors"

Masking Fluid - (Optional)  A small bottle is all you will need.  If you're not sure, ask the attendant or sales person at the supply store to help you find it.

Mixing tray   - I recommend the larger pallet tray that you can place your paints around the side and mix in the middle.

Masking tape  - I recommend the inexpensive Scotch brand of 3M manilla (tan in color) masking tape.  I use this to secure the paper to a firm surface to insure it doesn't wrinkle or warp when the paper gets wet.

pencils and erasers - Get some hard/light led pencils to draw with.  You don't want a lot of dark heavy pencil lines in your painting.

Xacto knife, or sharp blade -  We will be using this to create effects.

Foam Core (32 x 40 )- We use Foam Core in class to tape down our paper.  Foam Core is firm enough to keep the paper flat, and light enough to carry around and not weight down your box.

Sketch pad - In the beginning you might use the sketch pad to take notes.  Then you begin sketching subjects to paint.

Roll of paper towel -  Paper towels are always handy to have around.  After all, we are dealing with WATER. I find that Viva works best.

Container for water.  Quart size (or larger)

NOTE:  There will be more items we will add to our box as time goes by.  After 30 years, I'm still adding to mine.