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TITLE: Waterhouse Woodshed
Size: 12X18 inches

This historic building located in  Maitland, Florida was the wood working ship of T. D. Waterhouse.  He was a historical figure of the early days in Maitland, and a carpenter. He had a hand in building many of the homes in that  city.

Title:  Butterfly and Poppys
Size:  9x12

Title: Stringing Fence
Size: 18x24

Title:  The Rose
Size: 9x12

Title: Mailbox in Queen Anns Lace
Size:  11x14

Title: The Locke Barn
Size: 16x16

Title: Lion Fish Study
Size: 24x18

Title:  Confronting the Classics
Size:  18x24

Title: Family of Dogs
Size: 18x24

Title: Shadow of the Beast
Size: 18x24

Title:  Old Launch
Size: 12x18

Title: Harvor Island
Size:  12x18

Title: Lily in the Marsh
Size: 12x18

Title: Lilies and pads

Title: Princess on the Beach
Size:  18x24

Title: Fill 'er up
Size:  18x24

Title: The Cottage
Size: 18x24 in.

Title: Clamshell Orchid
Size:  14x11

This newly discovered was found in the everglades in Floorida several years ago.

Title: Myan Courtyard
Size: 14x11
    This is part of the Maitland art and History Museum: Maitland, Florida.

Title: Water  Hyasknth
Size:  9x12
Medium: Watercolor pencil and color pencil