Glen Ward
© 2004

The years took their toll
On the rusty old gate.
It stood as the sentry
To a big old estate.

I passed through them softly
As I entered the yard.
I passed a stone lion
That stood as a guard.

I peered down the path
For what I could see.
To spy what was waiting
To gobble up me.

I saw goblins and ghouls,
And puddles and pools.
There were zombies and crombies
And ugly old fools.

I saw spiders and cats
And witches and bats.
There were broomsticks and tombstones
And Cauldrons of rats.

Twas a dressed up old tree
That was scary to me,
It could frighten the stew
Of a grave digging crew.

It looked like a dragon
Coming out of his lair,
And stood like a gargoyle
Without any hair.

With a witch riding high
On her trusty old broom
Through the total eclipse
Of a harvest moon,

A vampire comes closer
To be your friend
And a pumpkin stares back
With a wicked old grin.

My feet shuffle fast
As I started my chore
And walked right up
To a monstrous door.

I gathered my courage
And took a deep breath.
I knew I was tempting
And flirting with death.

I balled up my fist 
And looked at the floor.
Then knocked six times
On that monstrous door.

A long silence was broken
By a howl in he night.
I wanted to scream
But was frozen with fright.

I stood there just shivering
And rattling my teeth.
I was stuck to the floor,
Like, with glue on my feet.

The door gave a CLANK!
Oh, it rattled my fears.
The sound was so loud
That it filled up both ears.

The hinge gave a SCREECH!
As it started to move.
It moaned and it groaned
As it slid from the groove.

A light beam appeared
From the lantern inside
And lit up the porch planks
Lying side by side.

The light beam grew longer,
And wider, and bright.
My first thought was running,
Fleeing into the night.

A shadow appeared
In the light from the door
And cast its long presence
On the planks in the floor.

My courage held fast.
My heart skipped a beat.
I turned with great care
Fearing what I would greet.

With a voice barely heard
I started to speak
What mom carefully taught me
To say "Trick or Treat."

My eyes were amazed
As I searched through the air.
There was lots of excitement
Whirling 'round like a hare.

I started to stare
At the shadow's two feet
And slowly looked up
And what should I meet.

An arm reached toward me
Holding something with care.
Twas a handful of goodies
And was wrapped up with flair.

I held out my basket
To capture the treat.
I knew it was chocolate
And terribly sweet.

With treasure in pocket
There couldn't be pranks
My eyes traveled higher
To quickly say thanks.

The face staring back
Set me frozen in awe.
It was frightfully familiar.
Why, it was Grandma.

She commented softly.
"You're cute as a bug."
And reached to me quickly
And gave me a hug.