By  Glen Ward

The New Year's come and gone; we must be on our way
To fetch a dozen roses for a very special day.
Or pick a box of candy so very sweet and fine
And pop the loving question to be my Valentine.
When man is done with April's quip
And Spring breaks free from Winter's grip,
The flowers bloom the world adorn
For Christ arose on Easter morn.
Rockets burst forth and fill the sky
To celebrate the fourth of July.
Flags fly proud with honor wave
O'r Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Light up your candles now don't be afraid,
We might even see a ban-shee's raid;
Some witches cackle and goblins squeal
And children frolic in festive zeal
Gleaning bags of goodies from trick or treat
And scaring the neighbors along their street.
They pick out pumpkins, and scratch out patterns
And carve out faces of Jack-o-lanterns.
Then midnight cats come dance with the rats
And fill the skies with awesome bats.
We're scared with a boo and shocked with a cry
And caught by staring into Dracula's eye.

Dress the table and leave all the pranks.
We'll all rejoice in giving thanks
For a perilous journey of a Christian flock;
For pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock;
For bountiful harvest our guests to feed;
That all began from a faithful seed.
Give thanks for freedom we cherish so dear.
Give thanks for laughter to spread good cheer.
Give thanks for loved ones, For Yom Kippur.
Give thanks for offerings we give to the poor.
Give thanks for nature and Spring to arrive.
Give thanks to God for being alive.

Deck the halls and string the holly.
The time has come for Christmas Jolly;
When carolers sing and joybells ring
To celebrate the birth of a king.
When Santa brings his sack of toys
To all the good little girls and boys,
Sleigh bells jingle when pulled by the horseĐ
To Grandma's houseĐ he knows the course.
When family gathers to spend the day
And children run and laugh and play,
We shower gifts upon our kin
And pray for peace, good will towards men.

We've all looked forward to a New Years Party.
Our spirits are high our zeal very hearty.
We'll make some resolutions with all the best intent,
Be faithful for a whileĐ then give them up for Lent.
We'll kiss the pretty ladies and drink up all the wine.
We'll trip the light fantastic while feeling just divine.
We'll cast aside our daily cares not heading any warning.
We'll party through the night till early in the morning.
We'll pack up all the fallen troops and all that other stuff;
Shall old acquaintances be forgotten we're feeling kind of rough.
We're really not so sure of where we might have been
But New Year's finally here so we can do it all again.

let me know what you think

For those who
wish to stroll